Wildflower Healing Stick

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Type: Full Spectrum

Strength: 500 mg

Ingredients: Coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter, beeswax, ecosoya, vitamin E, arnica, full spectrum CBD oil, wintergreen, eucalyptus, and other essential oils

Suggested Use: Once applied, the unique blend of therapeutic ingredients will immediately cool and soothe any discomfort for long-lasting relief. Apply after a hot bath or shower for better absorption.

Benefits: Relief, Skin Care

  • Use for arthritis, sore muscles, joint pain, backaches, and headaches.

  • Cool and soothing

  • Anti-inflammation

  • Treat skin conditions like acne and sunburn

  • Arnica extract- improves circulation of local blood supply, accelerates healing-- insect bites, bruises, aches, sprains, chapped lips, acne, arthritis

  • Eucalyptus oil – Relaxes Muscles, relieves rheumatic joints, muscle aches and stiffness, respiratory aid/sinus relief, uplifting and awakening


Nut Free:NO (contains coconut, shea nut)

Gluten Free:MAYBE (Vitamin E?)

Vegan: NO (contains beeswax)