Nursing Services: 90 Day Care Plan

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90 Day Care Plan - $299.99

  • Includes our 1 Hour Introductory Visit:

    • Assess your knowledge and understanding of cannabinoid therapies and the reasons you are choosing to use this supplement
    • Brief review of your medical history and diagnosis.
    • Introduction to cannabinoid treatments and the endocannabinoid system.
    • Instruction on how to use cannabinoids as medicine, details on the various methods of administration, timing, cannabinoid ratios, safeguards to take, and how to evaluate effectiveness.
    • Create a personalized care plan for you with initial guidelines for your wellness path.
    • Instruction on how to become a legal patient, and shop for safe, reliable product.
  • Dosage modification recommendations as needed.  

  • Family and provider connection as needed. 

  • 3 scheduled follow up calls by phone.

  • Weekly email communication as needed with a 2-day response window.