Kind Lab Rest Chews - CBD+CBD+Magnesium

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Rest Chews calm your mind and relax your body so you can fall and stay asleep.

Stress, pain, hormones – whatever is keeping you up at night, Rest Chews are the perfect to promote that restful night sleep


Type: Broad-Spectrum

Category: Edible/Confectionery

Product Size: 30 Chews 

Serving Size: 1 Chew

Strength: 20mg CBD + 2mg CBN

  • inc 75mg Magnesium

Price: $60.00 ($0.50 per mg)

Flavor: Lavender, Blueberry

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum hemp extract, Magnesium glycinate, CBN organic cane sugar*, organic tapioca syrup*, water, pectin, natural lavender flavoring, natural blueberry flavoring, purple cabbage and grape powder (for color), <2% citric acid, pure corn starch, carnauba wax 

Sugar Content: 2g

Suggested Use:Take 1 Chew before bed. Wait up to an hour to determine the effect and adjust the amount to get the desired effect. You can always try half to start, until you find your required amount.

Benefits:  Added magnesium glycinate for it’s calming effect, plus it’s much easier on the stomach than many other types of magnesium. 


Nut Free:NO (contains seed oil)

Gluten Free:YES

Vegan: YES