Healing Rose Bath Salts: Relax & Unwind

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Healing Rose Relax and Unwind Bath Salts

Category: Topical- bath salts

Product Size: 269 g (9.5 oz)

Serving Size: Full Bath: 4-5 oz. ; Hand/Foot Soaks: 1-2 oz

Strength: 200 mg per container

Flavor: Relax and Unwind-  Lavender, Eucalyptus, Atlas Cedarwood, Rosemary

Ingredients: CBD, epsom salt, dead sea salt, jojoba oil, non-GMO vitamin E, lavender oil, cedarwood, eucalyptus, rosemary

Other Notes: Paraben free, cruelty free

Suggested Use: For a full bath, scoop half the jar (4-5oz) into a drawn, warm bath using a dry hand or tool. For hand or foot soaks, use 1-2oz of the salts in your basin. Allow yourself to soak for 10-30 minutes. When finished, make sure to rinse and/or wipe down tub to ensure that all of the oils do not leave a residue. 

Benefits: Relief: Relieves stress, tension, soreness

Nut Free: NO (contains jojoba)

Gluten Free: YES

Vegan: YES