CW Hemp Calming Treats

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Calming Chews for Dogs

Type: Full Spectrum

Category: Pets- Treats

Product Size: 4.23 oz (120g) -- 30 chews

Serving Size: 

Under 25lbs: ½ chew (~1.25mg CBD)

26-50lbs: 1 chew (~2.5mg CBD)

51-75lbs: 2 chews (~5mg CBD)

76-100lbs: 3 chews (~7.5mg CBD)

100+lbs: 4 chews (~10mg CBD)

Strength: 2.5mg of CBD per chew, 30 chews per package (total 75 mg of CBD in package 

Price: $19.99 ($0.27 per mg)

Flavor: Chicken flavor

Ingredients: CBD, hemp extract, valerian root, passion flower extract, chamomile, brewers dried yeast, chicken liver hydrolysate, coconut glycerin, MCT oil, natural flavor, natural tocopherols, potato flour, potato starch, salt, sunflower lecithin, sunflower seed oil, water. 

Note: Weight is a factor in determining the dosage of full spectrum CBD products because of the trace amounts of THC in the products. Animals do not metabolize THC the same way that humans do, so care must be taken with products given to animals that have even a small amount of THC. 

Suggested Use: Give pet ½ chew - 4 chews daily based on weight. 

Benefits: Pets

  • Promotes a sense of calm

  • Supports a calm disposition

  • Helps manage daily stress

  • VALERIAN ROOT: Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that provides a calming and relaxing effect. Native to Europe and Asia, Valerian is a natural and safe calming aid for dogs, improving stress response and maintaining adequate levels of mood-stabilizing brain chemicals.

  • PASSION FLOWER: Passion Flower is a widely used ingredient to support dog health because it helps support mood and temperament in canines.

  • CHAMOMILE: The muscle-relaxing and inflammatory support properties of chamomile may provide relief of some side effects caused by stress.


Nut Free:NO (contains coconut)

Gluten Free:YES

Vegan: NO (contains chicken liver hydrolysate

***SEED ALLERGY ALERT: Contains sunflower seed oil