Apis Orange Blossom Honey 500mg

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Type: Isolate

Product Size: 170g / 6oz

Serving Size: 1 TBSP

Strength: 31 mg of CBD per TBSP (250mg of CBD in jar)

Flavor: Orange blossom, sweet, raw honey

Ingredients: Raw honey, CBD isolate

Suggested Use:  Use honey for cooking, baking, or teas.

Benefits: Mood, Support, Relief

  • Raw honey is simply honey that has not been filtered of its pollen content and has not been pasteurized. Pollen has an abundance of proteins, amino acids, and vitamins and is one of the greatest contributors to the nutritional value of honey. The best way to make sure you are maximizing the nutritional value honey is to consume it raw.

Nut Free: YES

Gluten Free: YES

Vegan: NO (contains honey)